11 Recomended Homemade Resin Keycaps on Etsy

11 Recomended Homemade Resin Keycaps on Etsy

The same industrial products have not been able to meet young persons who pursue personality and innovation, a highly homogeneous membrane keyboard is a typical item in daily life. There are many niche keycaps made from different materials because of the pursuit of custom keycaps, among them, artisan resin keycaps have to be mentioned.

How to Make Resin Keycaps

it can be divided into three types of production methods: layered multi-color, filling, coating. Layered multi-color keycaps rely on molds. A master silicone mold made from the keycap prototype through engraving clay creation or 3D printing, which is also made from another mold.

Most of the resin keycap creators use the ":~$ynth" metal master mold from Hunger Work Studio, which is available on the official website.Some use the 3D printed master mold "Z-Butt" from Zappycappys that is also on sale on the official website.

Of course, more creators use master molds made by themselves through tools such as Lego bricks, and they have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Let's talk about how to make the finished keycaps After the master mold. A layered multi-color keycap often needs to fill the master mold with different colors multiple times, and complicated keycaps are highly costly and difficult to make because of more colors and more problems like bubbles and impurities. Typical creators are gaf_caps, omniclectic, hello_caps, etc.

Pokémon series from scraft.studio.keycaps are popular glue keycaps recently that is generally divided into three parts: base, filler, and transparent resin. firstly, use the mold or 3D printer to make the base, and then put the filler in the base, such as Pokémon dolls, koi, etc., and finally add transparent resin to make the top of the keycap with the mold filling tool, polishing, and finished. Generally speaking, the keycaps made by this process are mostly SA heights whose high space allows for dolls, etc., and the higher the height, the more creative the keycaps are. Dolls Filler is generally painted in 3D prints that is the simplest and relatively easy to produce in mass, making it middle-priced and low-priced. Jellykey, moonkeycap, dwarf factories are famous for this type of keycaps.

Paint keycaps. Most creators will choose 3D printed for the keycap prototype, and then paint, which often requires the creator's printing technology. The cost of keycaps mainly comes from the time cost of printing materials and coatings, such as the eye key, landcaps. keycaps, etc., Creators with this type of process is relatively small worldwide.

In addition, there are also creators who divide the keycaps into multiple parts and finally combine them into one keycap, such as hotkeysproject, or combine resin with metal, each keycap creator has his own unique skills. The price of resin keycaps from 5$to 1000$ or even higher, which is decided by a lot of factors among which the$most important two points are quality and details, keycaps with more details and a better looking are highly priced, also outstanding creators and scarcity.

Following keycaps all own good looks for my side that directly matter the overall style, which will be a valuable guide for your next purchase.

  1.  Koi Fish Artisan Keycap

Koi Fish Artisan Keycap

 It is so gorgeous with its own individual charm. The little koi fish is amazing, you can see its tiny little fins and the spots painted onto it. The resin is crystal clear and lets you see every detail inside those fits onto my cherry switches perfectly.

  1. Handmade Artisan Fuji Keycap

Handmade Artisan Fuji Keycap

It is a beautiful key but slightly higher than normal compared to my other keys. I love how light passes through causing fog and I used it to replace my page UP key. The detail of the mountain is incredible, Also, the hole for the switch stem was pretty small, so it was quite difficult to actually mount the cap on board. It's a very tight fit, so be careful when taking the cap off since it'll likely pull the switch out with it, not a dealbreaker though.

  1. The Astronauts Artisan Keycap

The Astronauts Artisan Keycap

It looks stunning if you have purple keycaps. The glitter looks great in person, and it seems like you are watching an astronaut on the moon for his mission. It is different from different angles, if you are also a lover of space and astronauts, then what are you waiting for.

  1. Customizable Resin Keycap/Spacebar | Dark Marble Series 

Customizable Resin Keycap/Spacebar | Dark Marble Series

Customizable Resin Keycap/Spacebar | Dark Marble Series

The keycaps are superb especially with RGB, the “Modifier Bundle” is for your choice of 3 modifier keys, such as a shift key, enter key, and an alt key, the seller was very friendly and worked with requests of getting your letters on keycaps, if you’ve been looking for the perfect WASD keycaps, you can’t miss.

  1. Octopus Artisan Keycap

 Octopus Artisan Keycap

Octopus Artisan Keycap

Those detail and colors are fabulous, and the key really succeeds in telling the story of its own little world. The snail is a unique design. The only point of improvement might be how deep the stem fits into the keycap, which means that you had to place the keycap in a surrounded place to make sure that it wouldn't get caught on something. Beautiful keycaps are worthy of adding to your SA keycaps collection!

  1. Koi Fish #3 Handmade Resin Keycap

Koi Fish #3 Handmade Resin Keycap

Such an incredibly gorgeous keycap, it looks really nice with RGB backlighting, this model is a new nature design with black and orange color, currently, there is customization for three keys: Esc 1U, Enter, and Spacebar. It is rare and pricey, then it sits higher than your standard keycap, if you don’t mind, it’s worth purchasing.

  1. Charmander Pokemon Artisan Keycap

Charmander Pokemon Artisan Keycap

Charmander Pokemon Artisan Keycap

It is cute and really fabulous with details and different colors, you will be amazed by the layer watercolor painting inside and impressed by seller’s technique, you won’t see any haze or bubbles, this kind of cute keycaps will be the perfect gift for female friends, they will feel more comfortable and relaxed as an office desk decoration.

  1. Najestic Snowy Mountains Keycaps

Najestic Snowy Mountains Keycaps

The "Najestic Snowy Mountains" is inspired by the sacred peaks of the Himalayas, it reminds you of mountains covered by huge snow, it is still a nature design artisan keycap, and it is amazing when light passes through causing a fog.They provides 6 sizes: 1U - 1,25U - 1,5U - 1,75U - 2U - 2,25U - 6,25U.

     9. Universe Mars Resin Keycap

 Universe Mars Resin Keycap

Are you persons who love space and exploration, here is the universal theme keycap, it only customizes the Esc key, it looks cool on a light keyboard. There is a review about the taller profile for WASD keys, it is recommended to communicate with the seller before purchase.

    10.Cherry blossom Artisan keycap

Cherry blossom Artisan keycap

Cherry blossom Artisan keycaps provide freshness, this shop offers multiple choices for colors and customization keys, they look beautiful and quality, but they also feel so smooth and sturdy. This model is available for Cherry Profile and OEM profile. It will be a perfect pink keycap for a girlfriend.

     11. Malachite gravel resin keycaps

Malachite gravel resin keycaps

You will be provided with a few options of stones to choose from, you will love how the stones look like when they are floating within the mold. Those keys are slightly larger than OEM keys, which is a pity, and it is highly recommended for the unique style.

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