General Questions

Why do I have to create an account to see the site?

Community is a core part of who we are. We want to give every visitor to our site the tools to connect with other passionate people, share, and learn about the things they love to do. When you create an account, you will also receive personalized emails letting you know about the latest and greatest products around your personal interests.



Where can I ask product questions?

We do our best to include accurate and detailed product information on every product page.


If you have a question about a specific product and you can’t find the answer in the product description, we encourage you to post your question in the discussion section of the product page. The community is often the best source for answers to more involved product questions and troubleshooting.


If you notice any mistakes in the product description, please feel free to let us know via our support page.


Who chooses the products that appear on Cerakey?

We believe the best way to make great products is to tap into the knowledge and ideas of passionate people like you. From our own exclusive designs to collaborations with leading brands, every Cerakey product is informed by the community.


In addition to Cerakey products, we feature popular third-party products. Members can create polls for products they’d like to see, as well as weigh in on the discussion and vote for the products they want the most. After the results are in, our buying team will contact the manufacturer and attempt to secure these products. Products that aren’t chosen by polls are recommended to us by manufacturers we already have established relationships with, or are selected by our buyers and community managers.



You can purchase items on Cerakey using the following forms of payment:



International members: Your credit card must accept US-dollar-based transactions. Otherwise, the credit card company might not allow the payment to go through.

Please note: Our system can only process a single form of payment per run you join. Our processor can’t split the total between multiple payment methods.


Explanation of sales tax

Cerakey is subject to sales taxes in states where we have established a significant physical presence (or nexus). Having nexus in a state means that we have to collect sales tax from members in that state.

The amount of sales tax charged will depend on the following factors:

Current state sales tax rate

Local sales tax rates, if applicable (city or district)


Why does the payment status say "pending?"

If the run is still active, the payment status for your transaction will be listed as "pending." Once the run ends and you are charged, the payment status should automatically update.


Managing Your Order

You can track your order on the transactions page. From there, you can find your order status, the date your order shipped, the courier being used, and other tracking information. Please note that some shipments, like international warranty replacements, have limited tracking or no tracking available.


Which couriers does Cerakey use for shipping? 

Please note: Some of our primary couriers use regional couriers for the final delivery of your order. When this happens, your tracking information may not be accurately reflected on the primary courier's website. You can find additional tracking information for the regional courier on the primary courier’s website.

Can I modify my order?

PRE-ORDER PRODUCTS: We accept order modifications that do not result in a price change until the run ends. To modify your order, please go to your transactions page. For order modifications that result in a price change, you will need to cancel and place a new order before the run ends.


If the run has ended, we’re unable to modify your order options because the order has already been locked in and submitted to the vendor.


IN STOCK PRODUCTS: You have 2 hours after the payment capture time to modify your order, but if the order modification results in a price change, you will have to cancel and place a new order. Please keep in mind that some options have a limited quantity, so your desired option may not be available even if the run is still active.


How can I cancel my order?

You can make changes to your transaction by going to your transactions page. Depending on the product status, you may need to contact support from your transactions page to determine cancellation eligibility.


How do I change the shipping address for my order?

If a run is still active, you can update the shipping address from your transactions page, but if the address update results in a shipping cost or sales tax change, you will need to cancel and place a new order. The updated address will become your default shipping address to be used on future product orders.


If the product run is no longer active, you’ll need to contact Cerakey Support to determine if your shipping address can be changed.


IN STOCK PRODUCT: You can modify your shipping address within 2 hours as long as the shipping cost or sales tax does not change. If the shipping cost or sales tax changes, you should cancel and place a new order. Please keep in mind that some options have a limited quantity, so your desired option may not be available even if the run is still active.


We’re unable to reroute packages that have already been shipped. Should you need to change the address for a package that’s in transit, you can attempt to contact the courier directly to set up an alternate delivery address.


Please note: We can’t guarantee that a courier will be able to change the delivery address for a package in transit. In the event they’re unable to assist you, the package will likely be bounced back to our warehouse. If this occurs, you’ll need to contact Cerakey Support.


Missing Tracking Information

Here are some reasons tracking might not be available:

The tracking number was just issued. It typically takes 24 to 48 hours for information to update in the courier's system.

The first package scan may be upon arrival at a regional hub near the destination. This happens most often with international shipments and usually occurs when the courier's shipping volume is high and packages are processed in bulk. The courier might not acknowledge that they have received the package until it has been scanned for the first time.

The first package scan might not be until the package has been delivered.

Some shipments, like international warranty replacements, have limited tracking visibility or are not trackable at all.

For assistance locating your tracking number, please see how to track your order.

For a list of contacts, please see our courier contact information.


How to find a missing package that is marked as delivered?

If the tracking information shows that your package has been delivered, but you haven’t yet received it, please try the following:

 Verify the shipping address.

Look for a notice of attempted delivery.

Look around the delivery location. It’s possible that the package may have been delivered to a neighbor.

Check your mailbox. Packages may travel through more than one courier.

Wait 3 business days. Sometimes, packages are prematurely marked delivered by the courier while they’re still in transit.

If after 3 business days you still haven’t received your package, please contact Drop Support. All missing package claims must be submitted to Drop within 2 weeks of the delivery date provided by the courier.


How to report that an item is missing from your order?

If an item or component is missing from your order, please report it to Cerakey Support within 2 weeks of receiving it.