Top 5 Best Pudding PBT Keycaps Sets in 2022 – A Buyer’s Guide

What are pudding keycaps? Pudding keycaps are usually made from PBT materials that come with a granular frosted texture, you can feel the fine scrub when touching it or look it closely, the particles of the pudding keycap are extremely small, so it is relatively smooth. PBT material is relatively hard with crispness when pressed, and the PBT keycaps are extremely wear-resistant and not easy to oil.

Aesthetics is a necessary factor for keycaps collection, and the frosted translucent lower body of pudding keycaps is also unique on the market now. As the name suggests, the overall shape of the pudding keycap resembles a pudding divided into two layers, one solid color and the other translucent. This design allows backlit keyboards and RGB keyboards to play the brightest lighting.

Many personalized custom keyboards are designed in fancy patterns, sacrificing the RGB lights., while the pudding keycap makes the RGB light more blooming. Pudding keycaps make every key of the keyboard a small night light. Let’s check out 8 hot-selling pudding keycaps on amazon.

Hyperx Pudding Keycaps

Hyperx Pudding Keycaps

HyperX is famous and reputable in the e-sports peripherals fields, whether e-sports headphones or gradually extended keyboards and mice, all of them have good quality. HyperX not only has a large number of fans among players, but also many professional players play games with HyperX peripherals.

The height used in pudding keycaps is the standard OEM height, which is the most common and owns wide adaptability. When I tried keyboards such as Thief Ship K87 and original MX8.0, there may be spaces or a few key adaptation problems, but most of the keys can be replaced.

This design allows the RGB keyboard to shine during the day, and the keycaps seem to float on the keyboard. At night, the keyboard emits the lights up the entire keyboard operation area. In the light and the lightless environment, the keycaps have different characteristics.

In terms of appearance, the pudding keycap is unique, and in terms of feel, we have also carried out the experience of actual typing operation. I think that the tough PBT keyboard with the red axis will cover up the red axis itself, which is more suitable for the operation of the green axis so that the typing will be crisper for a smoother game. There are also experienced players who feel that with the characteristics of the red axis going straight up and down, there is a crisp feeling of the green axis, and there is no sense of the passage in the middle, and the difference between the keycaps makes the same axis produce different, which is very subtle.

HyperX pudding keycaps are well detailed and clear, living up to the big company style and making it well. Due to the small number of keycaps and high price, there are not many companies willing to make keycaps alone, HyperX pudding keycaps are worthy, not to mention that it is still a full 104 key PBT two-color injection molding keycaps. If you want to change a set of keycaps, try a different feel, experience a different material, pudding keycaps are worth buying.



If someone asked me where to start with pudding caps, then this item is perfect because its price is the key selling point.

Compared with a typical cheap pudding set, it's a thirty-dollar OEM pudding keycap set with modifiers that allow you to use it on a more diverse selection of mechanical keyboards, so immediately it's not bad at all.

They aren't the thickest caps that I have tried ever, but they feel durable enough. Had no issues mounting them on some Kailh x Domikey Cyberpunk switches. Legends are mostly pretty good, except for some small, hardly noticeable but still there, there are bits of stem interference on a few of the caps; like the Escape key error, it's thankfully pretty easy to forget about. One drawback is that the Escape key has some slight running of the blacktop layer into the frosted skirt of the cap. It's not immediately noticeable and thankfully easy to forget about, it could do better quality control in the future. Nonetheless, for $30 you can't complain.

YMDK Pudding Keycaps

YMDK Pudding Keycaps

The full white pudding set comes with TONS of keycaps for whatever keyboard configuration you've got. The switches on the huntsman elite are top-lit, as opposed to the center, so the keys aren't completely evenly lit, but that's not the keycaps fault. The font faces are large and easy to read. The caps have a slightly rough texture on top of the material, which I like, but I have a feeling they will rub smooth after extended use. 

The PBT plastic used for these keycaps is high quality, and nearly identical to the feel of the plastic that was used for the Ducky caps. These caps also feel a little harder to press down than the Duckys do. The font is similar to Hyper X, but I think it looks a little more 'friendly' in that the font doesn't have as many squared-off edges. It's a thick font, so it's easy to see unlike most that have ultra-thin fonts. The keys have a very light sandstone-type finish. It's grippy. Some will like it and others won't. Compared to the Hyper's I noticed the Hyper's felt a little more smooth

To wrap up, these are a solid pick for anyone looking to buy back-lit quality plastic keycaps. They do add a little bit of extra force required to register a keystroke, but it's not that noticeable after a while.


SteelSeries PRISMCAPS - Double Shot Pudding-Style Keycaps

SteelSeries PRISMCAPS - Double Shot Pudding-Style Keycaps

These pudding style keys allow the RGB lighting to come through much brighter than the stock ones and make the lighting effects more impactful, especially those effects which utilize many colors.

SteelSeries caps include multiple sets of bottom row keys in this set which makes it the main reason to purchase. Some keyboards (like the Corsair unit) come with different sized bottom row keys, which are not compatible with all sets of keycaps. While this set of keycaps may cost a bit more than other sets out there, the inclusion of multiple sets of bottom keys gives some peace of mind that this set will fit your particular keyboard.

These keys are great; non-standard keyboard owners rejoice! They were a little more expensive than the Hyper X pudding caps, but the font is better and there are included keys for standard and non-standard bottom rows. The feel is nice, the home (F and J) keys have raised bits, and the illumination factor is unreal. The finish on the tops has a nice, slightly textured surface so your fingers don't slide. On the space bar key, there are some very small raised bumps on the top anterior of the black portion. These could probably be sanded off, and are most likely a product of how the black and white parts of the keys are molded. These keycaps also fit Apex Pro(full size) perfectly. Overall, it will be a good choice for many keycaps enthusiasts.

Redragon A130 Pink Pudding Keycaps

Redragon A130 Pink Pudding Keycaps

There are not many reviews on Amazon and it is just 15 dollars, it is not a deal-breaker considering its price. put these on gaming keyboards and they fit like a glove and work great with the RGB lights.

These keycaps fit perfectly on my reddragon keyboard, and also should fit on any cherry or cherry clone keys; the material is a bit thicker around the edges than stock, so the sound is a bit quieter than before. It is nice and clicky with dampening a little bit, which is a plus. This Is much cheaper than buying another keyboard. The packaging was a plus since it holds all of the original keys in order in case you ever need to swap keycaps again in the future, or if you want a two-tone effect.

The only complaint is that the stabilizers, specifically in the spacebar, are a bit lackluster, Regardless, it is a good try if you are intended to purchase pudding keycaps.



These are gorgeous just like the description: like a big bowl of multi-colored pudding.The texture on the caps themselves are smooth and the white lining is just good enough that it displays the RGB lights from my keyboard in pretty accurate color tones. 

A decent quality and it is slightly textured instead of smooth like typical PBT the cap surface, so it doesn't look or feel cheap. a few of the letters seem to have QC issue with a couple letters being lighter/darker than each other, or at the letter edges. if you are used to high quality keycaps these will feel kind of cheap, they are somewhat thin and you may not like the sound. speaking of sound, they sound kind of empty on my keyboard and switches but it could be different for you.

The aesthetics are alright although some of them have inconsistencies of thickness that affect how much light shines through but if you have a really bright backlight it will be fine.